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Automatic self-cleaning cat litter box

Automatic self-cleaning cat litter box - Common Panda

Automatic self-cleaning cat litter box

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Imagine your home where the litter box is always clean!


Behold, the revolutionary Smart Fully Automatic Closed Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box  that auto-cleans, auto-refills, and controls odors so you can relax while the Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box maintains the cleanliness of your home. Scoop free and odour-free. Oh, and it also helps monitor the urinary health of all your cats!


When the cat's done its business, it automatically starts cleaning after a set amount of time chosen by the user between 15 and 90 minutes depending on your cat's needs.


Circle Zero: App Enabled Self Cleaning Robotic Litter Box -


In addition, It uses a non-toxicnon-stick material on the bottom of the tray to always keep itself hygienically clean.


 It is the safest and most innovative automatic self-cleaning litter box in the market.


Benefits & Features

  • Beautiful appearance, using PP material, smooth surface, bright color, durable.
  • Self-cleaning rotating cleaning saves time, and the large doorway is in line with cats’ daily habits.
  • Filter garbage pedal, keep the floor clean, one-button disassembly, easy to clean.
  • Large space fat cats are also worry-free, comfortable and spacious, free to turn around, big and thin enough.
  • Fully enclosed design, the sand does not splash, giving the cat more privacy.
  • Conceal The Mess :- The number one benefit of a cat litter cabinet is to hide the mess of the litter box! Many people try to tuck away the litter box, like a bathroom or laundry room, but sometimes there is not enough room or no convenient space to hide it away.
  • Hide The Smell :- Another benefit of a cat litter box is that it keeps the smell of the litter under wraps. If you scoop litter regularly, which we all should, litter boxes shouldn't smell too bad, but it's also never pleasant to have anyone's toilet right out in the middle of a room!
  • Privacy For Your Cat :- Cats like a litter box that is in a quiet space and gives them a little privacy. Having a cat litter cabinet means a space where a cat can retreat to in peace but also be able to see out through the opening to be able to see and hear others too.
  • Sufficient Storage :- 1 Trash can store nearly upto 4Ls of Poop, that can be stored for upto 1 week or so.
  • Quiet Operation :- Our Automatic Cat Litter SandBox Performs with very low sound which is almost inaudible thereby providing a peaceful environment.

Bring gratifying privacy to your feline friends. There is enough space inside for the kitten to easily turn around, dig and do business. For families with multiple cats, it is usually recommended that each cat have a litter box. Both pet parents and kittens will love it.


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